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Weight Loss

At In Touch Physiotherapy, we are tackling obesity.† We provide a comprehensive service to assist patients who want to lose weight.† We assess the lifestyle and risk factors and then set appropriate goals for the desired outcome.

We provide a presentation on Metabolism, what it is, the components, what is BMR, how much energy is used in different tasks, the† thermic effect of food, factors affecting BMR, what we can and canít control and how we can increase our basal metabolic rate.

For enhanced care, we work alongside a Dietician and Psychologist and can recommend some extra help if it is needed

Our level of care is based on the patients goals and choice.† We can work closely one on one, in small groups or simply provide education and independent programs.

Our facilities allow us to work within a gym setting, with cardio training, resistance workouts and hydrotherapy.

We do not recommend crash dieting and educate patients on why.† Our goals are long term and how we can change the long term outcomes for our patients.

If Obesity is a problem, today is the day to make the change.